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While much of dentistry is focused on caring for and preserving your teeth, a damaged, decayed, or infected tooth could pose a risk to your oral health. In those cases, you may need an extraction to protect your smile and overall well-being. At the practice of Jeff Francis, DDS, we provide gentle tooth extractions for Riverside patients when a tooth can no longer be saved. We do all we can to safely and successfully remove problem teeth and restore your oral health.

Our dentist is committed to helping you enjoy a healthy smile through personalized and conservative treatment. You can count on our team to offer effective and compassionate care, no matter your reason for needing an extraction. We'll answer all your questions and address your concerns so you can make an informed decision about the right treatment for your smile. Schedule your visit to our skilled and friendly tooth extraction dentist.


Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

At our practice, we can provide simple tooth extraction to help patients overcome various dental health concerns. There could be several reasons why you may need a tooth extracted. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • A Broken Tooth: Dental damage can happen at any time and is often unexpected. While a crown or filling can address minor chips or fractures, if the tooth structure is compromised, it may not be possible to rebuild the tooth. In such cases, an extraction will eliminate any pain and prevent the risk of a tooth infection.
  • Severe Tooth Infection: If tooth decay is left untreated and reaches the inner tooth, the soft tissue known as the pulp can become infected. An infected tooth will often cause severe pain and risks spreading to neighboring teeth and other areas of the body. If root canal fails to eliminate the infection or a tooth becomes repeatedly infected, tooth extraction can offer greater long-term oral health.
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Patients who have significant dental crowding due to a smaller jawbone may need to have a tooth removed to make realignment possible. An orthodontic tooth extraction creates the necessary space to allow the other teeth to fit evenly across the smile, resulting in a better overall bite structure and reduced risk of complex health issues.
  • Gum Disease: Advanced periodontitis can cause the gums to shrink back, exposing the tooth roots, and can even cause the bone to recede as well. This weakens the foundation keeping the tooth in place, so it becomes loose and can't function properly. If stabilizing the tooth becomes impossible, tooth extraction may be necessary.

Whatever your reason for needing a tooth extraction, you can count on our dentist and team to treat you with compassion and honesty without judgment. Our goal is to help you achieve good oral health in every service we provide.

The Tooth Extraction Process

tooth extraction dentist in riverside, CAThe first step before an extraction is to perform a thorough examination. Dr. Francis will examine your situation carefully with an eye for the most effective and conservative options. We never push services on you but provide you with information and answers so that you can choose the solution that best meets your needs. Our dentist will only recommend extraction as a last resort when the health risks outweigh the benefits of keeping a tooth in place.

Once a tooth extraction is scheduled, our dentist will use a local anesthetic to help you stay comfortable. We provide simple extractions for straightforward cases. If your situation is complex and requires more advanced care, we'll refer you to a trusted specialist who can address your specific needs.

Tooth Replacement Options

Once you've had a tooth extracted, our dentist will discuss your options for ensuring your long-term oral health. Depending on the reason for extraction and the location of the tooth, you may want to consider replacement options. Dr. Francis can provide bridges and dentures customized to your unique smile. We also work with a specialist to provide you with implant-supported restorations. We'll take the time to talk you through your options so you can choose the method that meets your needs.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

After your procedure, you'll want to take the right steps at home to make the recovery process comfortable and promote healing. Our team will provide you with instructions on what to do after your extraction. Some common aftercare tips to keep in mind include:

  • Take all medication given to you by the dentist, especially antibiotics
  • Avoid strenuous activity for the first two days
  • Use a cold compress against your face to alleviate swelling and discomfort
  • Try not to dislodge the blood clot that forms at the extraction site, as this will cause bleeding and slow healing
  • Wait until after the first 24 hours to brush your teeth, and be careful around the extraction site
  • Eat soft foods while you recover
  • Do not use straws when drinking, as this can dislodge the blood clot
  • Elevate your head with a pillow when resting

Your Reliable Tooth Extraction Dentist

A tooth extraction doesn't have to prevent you from having a healthy smile. Jeff Francis, DDS, and our dedicated team will do all we can to help you address dental problems and restore your oral health. If you need a tooth extraction in Riverside, trust our experienced and caring team to serve your dental needs. Schedule your visit to our practice today.



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